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Gum or periodontal disease is actually the most common cause of premature tooth loss. As the condition is generally painless, many are not aware of its presence. In its simplest form, treatment and prevention is a function of effective oral hygiene and plaque control, combined with professional cleaning by your hygienist or dentist at regular intervals. Some may require professional cleaning at more frequent intervals than others. Hygiene sessions will usually be carried out as part of your routine examination.

When periodontal deterioration is more advanced, there is usually loss of the bone which supports the teeth in the jaws, and also the formation of gum pockets which may be difficult or even impossible to clean and maintain. It is at this stage that specialist periodontal treatment may be required. Where appropriate, gum pockets can be surgically eliminated, facilitating the ease with which affected areas can be effectively cleaned, thus enabling the gum tissues to return to health. In some cases where bone has been lost, new bone can be added to replace it, using the latest bone regenerative procedures.

Specialist periodontal care also has major relevance in the field of cosmetic dentistry, where uneven and poorly shaped gum lines can be re contoured and re shaped to give an aesthetically pleasing outline. In some cases where a lot of gum has been lost, we can use grafting techniques to reconstitute lost tissue.

At number twelve, our set up enables our periodontal specialist to work in close contact and communication with the restorative dentist to bring about the best possible outcomes.

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