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Price guide: Whereas Individual cases can vary, this is intended as a fairly accurate indication of what we normally charge for the most common treatment items

Fee Guide
Treatment Coordinator consultation (complimentary)   £0
New patient consultation   £125
Routine check-up with hygiene and x-rays (regular patient)   £170
Hygiene appointment   £100
Fillings single-surface From £85
Fillings multi-surface
(these are for white fillings, as we do not normally use amalgam)
From £110 to £200
Root Canal Treatment    
Incisor   £620
Premolar   £690
Molar   £780
Crowns From £875
Veneers From £875
Implants – We do aim to be competitive, individual cases can vary widely. However, a simple case with implant crown is approximately £2,700.00
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